Research Interests

I work in four broad areas: Speech recognition, Audio processing, Neural networks and Privacy/Security for voice processing. In audio processing, I work on noise robustness, computational auditory scene analysis, microphone array processing and source separation. In speech recognition, I work on basic research issues that need to be addressed for better automatic speech recognition. In neural networks, I am interested in specialized architectures for signal processing, learning and information routing.

In addition to all of these topics, a major part of my research is focused on privacy preserving algorithms for speech and audio processing. Speech is possibly the most private form of communication; yet, when a speech processing engine such as a voice authentication system or a speech recognition service operates, it requires complete access to the voice recording. This has security, privacy and economic implications, such as snoopers or malicious systems who may use the data to derive undesired information (e.g. speaker demographics), create fake recordings or impersonate the user. Our team continues to develop various cryptographic and other techniques to deal with these problems.



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Paper awards:

  • Janek Ebbers, Jahn Heymann, Lukas Drude, Thomas Glarner, Reinhold Haeb-Umbach, Bhiksha Raj, Hidden Markov Model Variational Autoencoder for Acoustic Unit Discovery, Best Paper Award at Interspeech, 2017
  • Rita Singh, Deniz Gencaga and Bhiksha Raj, Formant manipulations in voice disguise by mimicry, Best Paper Award at 4th International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics (IWBF), 2016
  • Oliver Walter, Timo Korthals, Reinhold Haeb-Umbach, Bhiksha Raj. A hierarchical system for word discovery exploiting DTW-based initialization, best student paper award at ASRU, 2013
  • Sourish Chaudhuri, Bhiksha Raj. "A Comparison of Latent Variable Models for Conversation Analysis", SIGDIAL 2011, best paper award.
  • Gahgene Gweon, Pulkit Agarwal, Mikesh Udani, Bhiksha Raj, Carolyn Rose'. "The automatic assessment of knowledge integration processes in project teams", 9th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning CSCL 2011, best paper award.
  • Gautham Mysore, Paris Smaragdis, and Bhiksha Raj. "Non-negative Hidden-Markov modeling of audio with application to source separation." 9th international conference on latent variable analysis and source separation. St. Malo, France, 2010, best student paper.
  • M. L. Seltzer, B. Raj, R. M. Stern. "Likelihood-Maximizing Beamforming for Robust Hands-Free Speech Recognition", IEEE Trans. on Speech and Audio Processing, 12(5): 489-498, September 2004, IEEE Signal Processing Society best student paper award

Ph.D and masters' students


  • Abelino Jimenez, PhD
  • Benjamin Elizalde, PhD
  • Wenbo Liu, PhD
  • Anders Oland, PhD, co-advised with Roger Dannenberg
  • Joanna Correia, PhD, co-advised with Isabel Trancoso
  • Yandong Wen, PhD, co-advised with Rita Singh
  • Mounira Tlili, Masters
  • Daanish Ali Khan, Masters, co-advised with Rita Singh

Graduated (since 2012)

  • Anurag Kumar, PhD 2018
  • Nia Bradley, PhD 2017
  • Jose Portelo, PhD 2015
  • Sourish Choudhuri, PhD 2013
  • Sohail Bahmani, PhD 2013
  • Manas Pathak, PhD 2012
  • Mahaveer Jain, Masters 2012

Thesis award

  • Clifford Lyon. An interactive Java application for cluster analysis and data visualization.. Harvard University extension school, master's thesis. best Master's thesis in ALM for 2006


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