Deep Learning Deep Learning
Rita Singh and Bhiksha Raj
First published: August 2020
Publisher: IDL Scientific Press
Copyright © 2020 Rita Singh, Bhiksha Raj
ISBN: 978-1-7344465-8-6
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Note: This book is being written in tandem with the Fall 2020 IDL course. Since writing a book is generally a (very) slow process, chapters will appear here as and when they are completed. Realistically speaking, since this book is expected to have 26 chapters and well over 1000 pages, it unfortunately can't be completed in one semester. We will put up the chapters right from their very first drafts (which are usually very rough), to maximize the benefits to students. Cosmetic issues will be fixed once the book is complete. All book-related comments (thanks in advance for spotting and reporting mistakes) can be emailed to

Chapter pdfs have clickable cross-referencing, will show up when you read them on Adobe reader. Please check periodically for updates. The dates mentioned will only pertain to subject content updates, and not to cosmetic updates (formatting, figure quality etc.).


Part I Introduction

1. Introduction
Last updated: 7 Sep. 2020 6:53 PM EST. (Draft, 62 pp.)
2. Neural networks as universal approximators, and the issue of depth
Last updated: 10 Sep. 2020 11:53 PM EST. (Draft, 61pp.)

Part II Training

3. Learning a neural network: Part 1
Last updated: 27 Sep. 2020 4:26 PM EST. (Draft, 89pp.)
Some notational problems remain in this chapter, but I am moving on to the next one for now.
4. Learning a neural network: Part 2
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