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Date Lecture Topics Suggested Readings Additional material
29 Aug 2013 Introduction: Representing Sounds and Images

[slides]   [handout]

Tom, Dick and Mary discover the DFT [pdf]

Vetterli's tutorial on Wavelets [pdf]

Time Frequency Representations [pdf]

3 Sep 2013 Linear Algebra refresher I

[slides]  [handout]

5 Sep 2013 Linear Algebra refresher II

[slides]  [handout]

[Gilbert Strang's notes on Eigen analysis]
[A pretty good video lecture on SVD]
[Sam Roweis' notes on matrix identities]
10 Sep 2013 Representing data: Sounds and images [slides]  [handout]
12 Sep 2013 Project Ideas
17 Sep 2013 Eigen analysis [slides]  [handout]
19 Sep 2013 Binary classification, voting, an application to face detection[slides]  [handout]
24 Sep 2013 Independent Component Analysis[slides]
26 Sep 2013 Class Cancelled; James/Varun will post a doodle poll for times for a make-up class
1 Oct 2013 Modeling natural behaviors and human interactions from analysis of video and audio recordings Behjat Siddiquie
[Behjat's slides]
3 Oct 2013 Expectation Maximization  [slides]  [handout]
8 Oct 2013 Component Analysis Fernando de la Torre
10 Oct 2013 Clustering  [slides]  [handout]
15 Oct 2013 Latent variable analysis with an application to signal separation  [slides]
17 Oct 2013 Regression, ML, MAP and MMSE estimation[slides]
22 Oct 2013 Sparse over complete representations and dictionary-based decompositions  [slides]
24 Oct 2013 Hidden Markov Models  [slides]
29 Oct 2013 Component Analysis 2 Fernando de la Torre
31 Oct 2013 Compressed Sensing  [slides] Aswin Sankarnarayanan
5 Nov 2013 Music analysis Roger Dannenberg
7 Nov 2013 Structure from Motion Yaser Sheikh
12 Nov 2013 Linear Gaussian Models  [slides]
14 Nov 2013 Predicting/estimating time series I  [slides]
19 Nov 2013 Class cancelled
21 Nov 2013 Predicting/estimating time series II  [slides]
26 Nov 2013 LGM II: Factor Analysis
3 Dec 2013 [Buffer/TBD]